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Bad news This isn’t a new Game Art Trick! :,(
Good news This is the first Game Design Trick (article)!

As you know i LVE game art. But i also love to think outside of the box and so it happens, that some other aspects of gaming get my attention. Even if I’m not a game designer, i want to write this stuff down and hopefully you’ll like it. But don’t worry! I’ve only a few GD topics in my head but far more art related things on my list. :)

Time runs…let’s get started! Todays games are mostly like that:

I run…oh there’s an enemy. Hm…which weapon is the best….oh yeah! The rocket lau…

— You were knifed by K1ll0r1337 —

In the good old days it was more like this:

Hm there’s a big Orc on front of me…what should i do?
*a tea and one hour later*
Ok let’s kill him with my sword!
*press up*

— You killed the Orc. —

One of these grandfather games looks like this:

Source: Nethack

No, I’m not kidding! This isn’t some awful command line accident. This is how Rogue (or in this case: Nethack) looked like. But even more “special” than the visuals was the movement. It might look like a stuttering GIF I captured it in real time.
Obviously you are the @ and your pet (a cat) is the  f . And when you move your character with the cursor keys, everything else (monsters, NPCs, pets, …) moves too. Only then! If you do nothing, nobody moves.

By the way: the original Diablo was planned as such an turn-based ARPG. If you don’t believe me, listen to the gods.

The reason for this history lesson was, that i met the first game which translated this charming and non-stressful gameplay into modern times: SUPER HOT!

Source: SuperHot

I’m sure you guys already heard about this. If not, play it!! As you see: the time moves reaaaalllllyyyyyy ssssllloooooooooooooowwww when you do nothing. Almost stands still. But if you move, everything moves too. And since this game is a shooter, you’ll get very interesting pistol fights while playing this.

Source: SuperHot

I think this is a beautiful way of taking the best of both worlds (“turn-based” + action) and forging it into a very interesting experience.

Oh and by the way, i love the simple occlusion art style. :)