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Here are some of my older VFX (2009/2017) & Breakdowns (also available on two artstation pages https://artstation.com/artwork/KOKkA4 & https://artstation.com/artwork/G8wJE1). Hope you like it or find it useful!

Morphing two completely different meshes (Sphinx -> Stairs) was a challenge. I was lucky that everything needed only to be one bright color. Having a texture visible during the morphing would be a problem because correct UVs would be necessary.

Documentation 3Ds Max Compound Object
Conchi Núñez Montes de Oca

ℹ Thanks Ian G. Chang for the hint on twitter, that something similar (but way cooler) was done in Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams. Here is an example and they even morphed between two texture sets! If you want to know more details, you can watch their indepth video: Meet the Experts: The Rebirth of Giana Sisters in 3ds Max.

A lot of work went into this effect even thought it’s only visible for such a short time. :D

The final version of the waterfalls. More infos:
Talk: The Stylized Vfx of RiME: https://youtu.be/fwKQyDZ4ark
Talk: The Stylized Vfx of RiME (Water Edition): https://youtu.be/4FIDBeF_4SI

For the waterfall I’ve got a concept. For the other one the brief was like “It shall contain a shockwave which breaks the statue”. Note: I did NOT know, that the Sentinels are nice in the game. So I animated it as aggressive robot.

Art Test PDF (Sentinel): https://cloud.simont.de/index.php/s/d7SJz5pF5tzbS9B
Art Test PDF (Waterfall): https://cloud.simont.de/index.php/s/tEoRzLEjFwKo3M5

Overview about areas where I just extended existing VFX.

I worked on a variety of different types of effects. Here is a little overview.

Here come some of my very early effects from ~2009. This was one of my first big tech art tasks.

Destructible Crystals for the Addon of Sacred 2

The effect is very simple but I still like it to this day. Feels very satisfying to defeat this enemy. :)

My first (very unsuccessful) try to generate a complex fire flipbook.

An overview how my skills to make explosions improved over the time.

I hoped you like this little overview. :)

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