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Hey lovely people!

I’m working on a small game and here are some techniques I used to create sprites and effects.

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Big Sprites

I tried to use the most efficient workflow depending on the use case. The pixel art style allowed me to create assets fast, but for the bigger sprites I used Blender because I knew that I need to iterate a lot over the look and doing all of it by hand would drive me crazy.

Custom Shader

I love when games offer different biomes or regions, and so I wanted to integrate a dark one. Spoiler: You can clear the fog by solving a little quest in the game.


Sound ON! :) It’s surprising that even simple flip books are good enough when several elements come together – especially nice sound.

Nebula Background

Using texture generators can really help to get stuff done quickly. Painting this would have cost me weeks!

I hope you liked this little breakdown. Let me know what you think about it, and also if you like my game! :)


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