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Sorry, Gfx-Freaks. This time it’s about sound. I really love Battlefield 2 and besides of the gameplay and graphics i felt in love with the sound they embedded in the game. And one special case was a small eye opener for me.

Why? Because they showed, that sound can be used to add a lot detail to your graphics in a very nice way. I’m talking about the flag poles. Please watch the movie and listen.

I didn’t embed the video directly to avoid any tracking from Google and complications with the DSGVO.

As you see there is no moving rope and also no *pinging* carabiner or stuff like that. But when you lay besides this flag, waiting that the point is captured for your team…you know, i just loved to hear this great sound. ♥

At this point i want to share a Battlefield 2 Story with you. DON’T READ THIS if you’re just intersted in the tech stuff. This is personal and just for BF2 lovers.

It was very late and there was only 1 guy with me at the server on “Gulf of Oman”. First we fought only with knifes but then we had the idea to do a car race. How? First we grabbed two cars and i drove in front of him to “mark” our track. Then we placed the cars at the airfield of the MEC team. We both were standing outside of our cars, i trough a grenade, we both entered the cars and started when the grenade explode.

Since then i would love to have a meeting at an empty server. 4 cars. 2 guys in every car. Would be so awesome.

By the way, i played the demo of BF2 for at least 4-5 years. When i had the money and the PC to play it on my own machine i bought it. But it was so laggy that i changed back to the demo. Gulf of Oman was the greatest map ever for me.