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Do you remember the Kid Icarus article? There i used one of my super powers and it’s again time for me to be


…because this trick was mentioned to me by Mr. Anonym below the Bioshock Glossiness article and i think it’s so cool, that it deserves its own article. The whole thing was posted on Newgrounds by SpaceAndTime and it’s a way to achieve nice water reflection highlights with a very simple trick.

I think the picture (shameless stolen from his post) below is pretty self explanatory (if not, the thread explains it very well):

Update 1
Nicolae Berbece just sent me a scribble-cel-animation-test he did in the past. Looks awesome!

8 thoughts on “Scribble Cel

  1. eRiC Werner

    I did something similar for Genius: Unternehmen Physik for all the rivers there… but rather in an additive fashion. Highlights seem subtle on one but when 2 (maybe even scaled) layers are moved against each other the add up to a nice random like highlight

    1. Simon

      Nice idea! I guess today it would be made by a specified value and when a pixel is higher then that a small highlight would be placed there – like post process lensflares.

  2. Bruce Ironstaunch

    I noticed a similar effect in Outrun 2 (Really obvious on the first area if you park and look at the water), and I was wondering what the name for the effect was. It’s amazing how good this effect looks if the viewpoint is moving at high speed.

    I was curious enough that I took a few screenshots (Sorry for the low res, I only have the PSP version)
    When animated, it looks like small shifting dark squares when viewed closely.

    1. Simon

      Thanks for the pictures! I’m not sure…do you mean the bigger white “blops” which are interesected by a random mask?

    2. Simon

      Hmpf..can’t find good youtube footage :,( Would like to see it in motion :( Anyway, thank you very much for mentioning this! :)


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