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Hey, I'm Simon and I'm making a game!! :)
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I’m happy that you found me, because this is the new place where you can find the “Simon schreibt”-Blog!

All the Game Art Tricks can be found in this list!

But a new article and it’s not a new game art trick?? Boooh! Yes, I’m sorry but it took some time to transfer the blog to my own webspace with its very own domain. For you guys only details changed: there’s a logo, shorter URLs and the articles have a bit more space to “breath” (which means that the readability increased).

But in general I’m now independent of Google (as the blog host) and (as the image host). Also i had to learn that wordpress is a very cool blogging system (thanks to all the plugins) and that it takes a lot time to transfer a blog – so if you plan todo an internet project: do it the right way from the beginning.

Feel free to tell me how you like the slightly changed design, report dead links and tell me how the blog performance is.