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This is a talk I gave on the Unreal Fest Europe 2018 about three stylized effects in RIME. It’s based on the one I gave 2017 but extended about the water materials of RiME.

I didn’t embed the video directly to avoid any tracking from Google and complications with the DSGVO.

Thanks to Tequila Works for letting me speak about the effects and all the nice people I had the opportunity to speak to at the event. It was awesome!

Unreal Material
To get the material working on your Unreal Version (tested with 4.13 and 4.19.1):

  1. Download Material Package
  2. Extract directly to your content folder (not in a subfolder!)
  3. Start Unreal and open the main material:
    Or the material instance which contains all the settings for the water in Rime Level 1:

Useful Links

You can find many creations of the RiME-Fire and -Water below the “old” RiME VFX article from 2017!

The Talk from 2017 with more Information about the Fire & Smoke

Julian Love – “Technical Artist Bootcamp: The VFX of Diablo”

Tutorial: Ocean Shader with Gerstner Waves

Fortnite Sky Optimisation

Chromatic Aberration

Unreal Custom UVs

Update 1
Ninjin42 just mentioned, that the Custom UVs workflow is NOT necessary anymore to move the processing from the Pixel Shader to the Vertex Shader. Since 4.16 there is a new node called “Vertex Interpolator”. You can find more information in the Patch Log by searching for “Vertex Interpolator”.

Here is the part from the Patch Log:

Update 2
I just added a little analysis of these dust-particles since they look similar what we achieved in RiME. You can find the update with more explanations here.