Application Form for Companies & Recruiters

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Simon is getting job offers regularly. To streamline the process for companies and recruiters, we’ve created this application form. If you think Simon could be a good fit for your company (or the firm you’re hiring for) please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
Right now, Simon is busy with his full-time job at Wild Sheep Studio and this will not change in the near future. Nevertheless, you can still fill out the form below because as soon as Simon’s situation changes, your application will be taken into account. If you’re still interested in working together with Simon right now, there are options for this in form of mentorships, short-term consultancies, training workshops or presentations.
What would you offer Simon to work for your company (or the company you’re respresenting)?
Crunch is a sign of inaccurate planning or missing flexibility when it comes to cutting features or extending deadlines. Some companies don’t like to take responsibility for their false estimation of their (human) resources and “outsource” the problem to their employees.
I’d love to work for free just by pure passion but unfortunately we’re living in capitalism and so I need to maximize my profit and can’t offer services for free.
An ornament to add some visual fidelity to the website.