New shipy & shops, I was guest in podcasts, my game was mentioned in an article!

Hey lovely people! 💘

I hope you're doing super-fine! Here are some small updates:

🚀Cozy Space Survivors 1.5

There is a NEW SHIPY available in my game. It's an "AI" ship, which you steer indirectly by giving commands with the new radial menu. Perfect for 2nd-Screen-Play:

Also, now you can unlock two shops where you can trade chocolate for overtime (play longer than 10 minutes) or a random weapon:

With that, I finish the development. Only loca updates and maybe bugfixes will make it in future patches. Finally!

If you want, you can buy the game here:


I was invited to speak (about my game) in two podcasts! Here are the links to the episodes:

📰My game in a Magazine!

My game was mentioned in THE German tech magazine! This is especially heartwarming for me, as I read the c't often (back then, when Internet Explorer 4 was cool and all websites had an 'under construction' gif)!

Thanks for reading! I hope you all will have a nice summer — don't forget to drink enough water!

Simon 🌞